Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Humor me...

It's Tuesday.
This week is taking forever.
Like come on weekend, I have plans I'd like to take part in.
But for some reason weekend thinks it's funny to take as long as it can to get here.

So to brighten my day ... and yours ... here are some funny pictures brought to you via Pinterest.

You know how I do
 And it will be .. for a very long time...
 Exactly. Calm down a bit .. geeze
My life lately.
 I die everytime
 Oh my gosh this happens to me wayyy to much!

And I'm leaving you with this picture.
Because if this doesn't brighten your day then well ....
I have no hope for you.

Have a great Tuesday!


Erin said...

Holy heck this makes me die inside.

1. I am setting my house in fire after I hit publish on this comment. HOT DAMN MAN

2. CHOCHOLATE SHART. Stop it haha.

3. I think you should have to get your period when you're pregnant and be gifted with not having it when you're keeping that uterus in check. Life is so backwards. I posted last week about how vaginas are like children. You should check it out haha.

Newest follower from the GFC hop!

JKT said...

This week IS taking forever!!! Hurry up weekend! Absolutely loving those pins.... especially the one about the uterus- cracking up :)

Becca said...

I agree with you! It should be a reward for not getting pregnant! I read your post and loved it! So funny!

Becca said...

I know! It needs to start speeding up a bit! At least tomorrow is hump day!