Monday, August 6, 2012


Ughh ... Monday....
We are all thinking it.
I had the hardest time pulling myself out of bed this morning.
Why can't every day just be Friday? Or Saturday? 
The world would be a much better place, don't you agree?

Anyways, I need some of your help.
I am in the market for a new planner and I have no idea which one to get!

I have stumbled across a few but I just don't know which one is the best one.
(It's the tough things in life, I tell ya)

Anyways, this is where YOU come in!
I need help deciding which one to get.
Or if you have any other ideas, just throw them out there!

Now, I know that I am not in a sorority. 
So I am not quite sure if I am supposed to get one from Lilly Pulitzer. 
But they are just so darn cute!

And then there is Erin Condren....
I mean come on. 
I fell in love with this planner after seeing it on Pink Lou Lou's blog.
I just can't seem to find a planner that matches up to it.
The only down side?
I am a broke college student and these planners aren't the cheapest things out there...

So my search continues to find one just like it, only cheaper.
Have any of you found a planner you absoultely love?
If so, let me know, because lord knows I need some organization in my life!

Thanks for reading! :)


Nick said...

Go with the walmart brand.

Brittany said...

I got mine from Walmart...its the size of notebook..lots of room monthly calendar, and day by day spots..with plenty of room to write. I believe its Mead brand. It also has a hard plastic cover so it doesn't rip...want to say $7?

Cassandra Henri said...

I am a huge Lilly Pulitzer fan. I actually have the netbook cover that matches that planner so I would say that one, but my opinion might be a little bias. I love decorating planners myself so if you do get a cheap one you can always make it your own!

Rachel said...

Love the first planner because it is super bright and cute. :) Nice blog.