Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mom's 50th Surprise Party

A few months ago I decided that I was going to throw my Mom a surprise 50th birthday party. If someone would have told me how much goes into planning even the simplest of parties, I still would have done it I just would have realized what I was getting myself into. But it went amazingly. I only had to keep a secret from a person I talk to everyday for a little over 2 months. Not hard at all. -_-. 

The day before the party 9 of our family members from Ohio and California came into town. They had already planned on being in town during that weekend so it was awesome that we were able to plan the party at that time. And all of my Mom's friends that we invited were also able to make it. It was awesome. But so hard getting her there. It was at a golf course and she never goes to those. So we told her we were going to a winery that night so we could get her dressed cute because if she would have been not dressed appropriately she would have been so mad at me. Then Nick and I told her we had to stop there to get golf clubs that he had ordered. When we pulled in I asked if he needed help carrying them so we could have an excuse to get her inside. Being a guy he says "uh I don't know". Uh okay Nick. Then my mom saw my dad's car and got a little confused. She was also really confused as to why I kept persisting that Nick needed help carrying golf clubs. 

After a few minutes she realized what was going on and told me she wasn't going inside but after I told her to get out of the damn car she obliged and went in. She was so so surprised. She says she just figured it was going to be family but when she saw all of her friends as well she was really surprised. I am so glad it went so smoothly. And I am so glad I had the help of my Aunt and a few other family members. It was a great night.
We came up with different things that had to do with my Mom from 1-50. It was slightly difficult and we may have had to stretch for some but we did it. And everyone loved them. For example, 1-Shari's favorite holiday (she loves April Fools Day). Or 22- Day her oldest was born (me, duh).
My uncle loves putting faces on M&M's so he had some ordered and delivered for the party. The arrived just in time and are freaking hilarious.
The cake was one of my favorite parts of the entire thing. It was amazing. We put all of the decorations on it and I think it turned out awesome. My Mom loved it.
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