Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Past 21 Days Through My iPhone

Yesterday I filled you in on why I've been missing for the past 21 days. In those 21 days a lot has changed/happened. I have also been trying to keep myself busy other than going to work and class in order to keep my mind off of all the stressfulness that comes along with trying to find a new place that will allow a 70 pound puppy. So here's what I've been up to in the past 21 days, as seen from the iPhone camera.
I went to two different Cardinals games because Cardinals, duh. The first one was a day game and they lost so that sucked, but we got some cool jerseys even though mine went straight to my Dad since they were only handing out one size. Oh, and you had to be 16+ in order to get the jersey so when I walked in and stuck out my hand to take one of course the guy said "uh how old are you". Really? -_- Anyways, the second game was a night game and it was Star Wars theme night. I've never seen the movies but Ben and Ethan love them so they really enjoyed all of that. Ethan even got to meet Darth Vader which he thought was the coolest thing ever. Going to a game with him was seriously so fun. We had a yelling competition, he decided that my favorite player is also his favorite player (Matt Carpenter), and his favorite thing to say when someone got a hit was "Yeah baby!". Adorable.
I jumped on that #Shareacoke bandwagon and found my name and Nick's name. It's super rare that I find just Becca and not Rebecca so obviously I had to get it. I tried telling Nick these were not for drinking but his ended up gone that night. Mine is still sitting on the counter because I refuse to let him drink it.

The 14th was Amy's birthday and we went to Texas Roadhouse as a family because Carrie gets a 30% discount so where else would we go? Amy really enjoyed getting on the saddle thing and having our server yell her name and her birthday for everyone in the place to hear. Our server was one of Carrie's friends and one of the guys who lived on my floor freshman year so he made sure to make Amy extra embarrassed. It was cute.
My cousin Amber and her husband Brandon moved back to the STL after being in Chicago for the past four years so I headed over there to see their new place. It's amazing. It's a super awesome apartment in downtown and you can see Busch from their patio. Seriously, I'm extremely jealous. But when you're a doctor and have worked your butt off for the past million years in school I guess you can afford that kind of stuff. We went over and ate at Bailey's Range Burgers and Shakes and it was amazing. It's all homemade, even their ketchup and cheese sauce. I got the mac n cheese burger and I want to go back right now while I'm writing this to eat one. Their cheese sauce was to die for as well. If you're ever in St. Louis, I highly recommend checking them out. 
Sunday we had family come in that I had never met which is really surprising. But these were my Mom's cousins and they live in different states so it's kind of hard to meet some of them. It was fun though because we all just relaxed by the pool and hung out and ate more than I should have ever eaten in one day. But that's what happens when my family gets together. We eat. A lot. This is also the only picture I got and because Ethan loves me so much he made the cutest face for the camera.

So other than moving and figuring out life itself, that is what I've been up to. Hopefully now that things are beginning to settle down I'll be around these parts more often. My classes end August 6th and I will be starting my internship sometime in August. And then hopefully finding an actual job where I make big girl money and can afford things other than mac n cheese and cereal. Joking, kind of.
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Savannah Robinson said...

This post makes me wish I was out with you guys already! Only 2 weeks

scrapperjen said...

Busy, busy!
St Louis is such a great city!