Thursday, January 30, 2014

What No One Tells You

When I told people I was getting/got a puppy a lot of them laughed at me and I really had no idea why. How hard can raising a puppy be? I mean I did it before.... Okay, that's a lie. I bought a puppy five years ago and played with him and snuggled him while my parents did all the hard work. But who was to say that wasn't how it would be this time? Even though I don't live with my parents.. The dog could raise himself, right? And just be my cuddle buddy? Uh wrong. So from the perspective of my new pup here is what I have learned...
All of those noises that I have ignored outside are just super scary and are reason for not going to the bathroom outside... I mean really, that wind chime that just made a noise is probably the scariest thing ever...

And if it's below 30 degrees you can count out going outside. It is just way too cold to go out there for a whole 30 seconds just to go to the bathroom..duh

Once we have decided it is totally safe to go outside, those leaves that are blowing around and those little prickly ball things are the best things to eat...really though, have you tried them?

After going to the bathroom outside running inside at full sprint is the only way to go inside.. We can't be out there in case something makes a scary noise like a squirrel running up the tree or someone starting their car..
All of those toys that were bought to play with are nothing compared to that water bottle sitting on the table.. it just makes the best noises

Also, another toy that is better than anything else? Mom's ponytail..

Three a.m. is a perfectly acceptable time to wake up while in bed and think it's time to play.. we did just nap for four hours

Six a.m. also really does exist .. every morning... so does 6:30 and 7... after that it's just time to be up for the day

That sounds a lot like I'm complaining. And as hard as it already is to raise a puppy, there are so many wonderful things that come along with it..

Like watching him quickly master the stairs. We brought him home exactly a week ago and I don't think he had ever been on stairs. He didn't know how to go up or down them. In the past week though he has totally mastered them. He sprints up and down them on his own and takes two at a time while going up them. By the time he's full grown he'll probably just have to jump once...

Or the fact that when he is in a playful mood, as exhausting as it can be, it's so fun. He is learning quickly how to play fetch and when he runs around like a mad man it is so funny. Also, watching him be entertained by just chasing his tail is hilarious.
Or when he is done playing and just in a cuddle mood. Those are the best moods. He snuggles right up next to me or totally on my lap and it is seriously so relaxing. He gets in the cutest cuddle moods and has to be right next to me.

Watching him and Nick together is so adorable. I love seeing them together. How much Luke loves Nick already is so obvious and it just melts my heart.
So yes, I have already realized how hard raising a puppy already is, but I have also realized how rewarding it can be. He's the sweetest dog you will ever meet and the craziest at the same time and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Meghan said...

Look at that puddle on the floor! No that is not a Luke accident, that is a Meghan's heart melted because of Luke's adorableness accident, but seriously SO ADORABLE !

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Your dog is too cute. Have a great weekend. Shane sent me.

Amanda Winters said...

What a sweet post! Puppies are a lot of work but also well worth it! <3

Shane sent me.