Thursday, August 8, 2013

I've Been Busy Going Ham on Some Softballs

So the other night (Monday) Nick had a softball game at Grizzlies stadium. The Grizzlies are like a minor minor league team around here. I had never been to one of their games so it was kind of a cool experience. His softball team got to play before the Grizzlies game started so we got to go early. He got in for free and I only had to pay $6 to watch the actual Grizzlies game so that was nice too. After his game got over we went up into a "suite" which isn't actually in a room like regular MLB games but it was still kind of nice to be in an area with just the people we knew. The baseball game itself was kind of boring but being with all the guys from the team is always a good time.
 After the game was over a few of us stuck around for free beer and food. We also got to go out onto the field to hit some softballs, which obviously I did the best at. The field is all astro turf, even the dirt part. So I didn't get dirty at all. And neither did Nick while he was playing, so no dirty uniform for me to wash this time.

Also, while I'm stuck this is what my sister and her boyfriend have been up to while visiting my cousin in Savannah...

Also, how can you not love this picture? Sweetest thing ever. Ethan is seriously such a good big brother. And he just turned 3 on Saturday. Seriously, where has the time gone? I am so glad I have had the opportunity to be so close to him and watch him as he grows and becomes the awesome little kid he is.

And a trip down memory lane dedicated to him. These are not even half the pictures I have of him, but this is the most Picmonkey would allow me to put into a collage.
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