Monday, January 28, 2013

Once again, an embarrassing story

It's been awhile
I've missed all of you
School has just started out crazy
I mean, I even had homework BEFORE classes started
What the hell is that!? 
Anyways, I recently told you about how my life is one big embarrassing moment
And it just continues to be that way
Every. Single. Day.

So let me just tell you this little story of embarrassment
So I'm at my usual Friday night spot and as the night is ending these two boys come up to my friend and I
They buy us a few drinks and we exchange numbers, the norm right?
Well then the next day said boy texts me and we chat for awhile
Then he adds me to Facebook, because it's the cool thing to do these days
It also makes creeping that much easier
Then said boy doesn't text me for a few days, which is fine since I barely know him
But I was on a dinner date with my friend Nikki
 And I started to tell her about him
So of course we creep him on Facebook
Well, while creeping him I get a text from said boy that says "Stalking me huh? haha"
Instant freak out mode ensued
So we go back through his profile pictures we had been looking at
And low and behold, I had accidentally liked one of his super old profile pictures
Yeah, that happened
 But just wait, it gets better
Then the next day I am telling my sister the story
A few hours later my news feed tells me she had added him as a friend
And when I asked her why she did it her response was "I don't know"
Needless to say this said boy has NOT contacted me since
My face upon learning my sister had added him.. attractive, I know

And there you have it
Once again, another embarrassing post by yours truly.

Also, I jumped on the Vine App bandwagon!
Add me! :)

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Natalie Loves Beauty said...

OMG!! That is really funny! :P

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Ooooh no! I always tell my H to be careful when he's FB creepin' because it's super easy to accidentally like something on your phone when scrolling through :-P

Well if said boy can't see the humor in your sis adding him just because then he's no fun!

Kisha Jaggers said...

New Follower! I found you via the GFC hop!! Love your blog.. when you have time stop over at and if you like what you see, follow back! Have a great week! K Jaggers

lee woo said...

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