About The Girl!

Heyyo, Becca here. I'm a 20-something recent college grad making my way through this crazy, adult, responsibility filled, thing called life. I've always been a coffee addict but have recently fallen in love with wine. I'm starting with baby steps though so right now I'm in the "super fruity, white wine" stage. 

I started this blog in order to give myself a hobby, and since then it's become more of something I do when I think about it kind of thing. However, I really am trying to improve on that. 

I'm obsessed (more than obsessed) with my 90-pound ball of fur I like to call my child. He also likes to consider himself a human, so I just let him think that way. His name is Luke, Lucas Raymond if he's in trouble, or any other ridiculous baby name you can think of because I'm a crazy dog mom. 

I take way too many selfies, watch way too much Grey's Anatomy, and online shop more than I like to admit. I'm an Illinois native, and still stuck in this corn-filled state while I try to find myself a big girl job. I graduated with a degree in Corporate and Institutional Communications but am currently waiting tables at Texas Roadhouse. 

I've been with my puppy daddy for two years now and we like to agree to disagree on almost everything except for our love of the Chicago Blackhawks and our fur child. He's my best friend, love, and enemy all built into one and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I have recently decided that my favorite color has changed from pink to gold, white, and black. I'm sure this is because of the obsession that every single other person on this planet has with gold, but I like to think I'm my own trend setter. 

I have a love/hate relationship with all social media. It's what I want to actually do as a career but then sometimes I just want to delete it all and thrown my phone into an ocean, or a lake I guess since I live in Illinois.

Anyway, you should follow me on all of the following platforms because, well, duh.


Hope and Sugar said...

Hi Becca, just found your blog through Helen's blog. M loving what I see here, you just got yourself a brand new follower :)

Jess said...

Your blog is so nice! It's gonna be fun getting to know you through the Cara Box swap!

Brianna Clark said...

Haha you sound just like me! I literally can't make a decision to save my life! I love crafting and anything sparkly, and I also paint my nails multiple times a week (I have over 80 bottles of nail polish)!
Following! :)
Come see my blog :) endlesslybeloved.blogspot.com

Clyde said...

Hi, Becca.
I just stumbled onto your Blog while looking for National Grouch Day. I was trying to describe an incident at the 7-Eleven yesterday, clicked on an Oscar the Grouch image and your post came up. I had to go back a couple of years to get caught up and really enjoyed reading. Did you get married ??? I noticed you're not posting as much lately. LOL. Anyway I've added your blog to my blog roll so I can watch you grow up. Love all the photos. Some of the best wedding photographs (I used to shoot weddings)
Clyde in VA