Monday, June 8, 2015

How National Donut Day and My Weekend Went

Friday was National Donut Day but I'm sure you all knew that already. Especially if you have an Instagram account. I had this big plan where I was going to make like six different donut recipes and take them to my internship and to Roadhouse and to my parents. So I got this huge list of groceries that I needed. Sidenote: there were also a lot of groceries I didn't need because I'm sort of a grown up and already had a bunch of them. Hashtag, winning. Anyway, so I compiled my list of needed and set out to my local, lovely Wal-Mart. Because that's the only place where I live to buy anything. So I went through and got all of my groceries first, which looking back was a bad idea, because when I went to go buy donut pans they didn't have any. WHAT?! It's National Donut Day and you don't have donut pans? Okay, cool. So back I went to put all of my groceries in my cart back. Another sidenote: is that like a sin? Am I suppose to not put those back after I've put them in my cart? Obviously new to this whole grown up thing so I'm not sure. Whatever, I did it anyway. So I had to resort to buy already made donuts from their little bakery section. Really all I wanted was to take a picture for Instagram so I could fit in with the cool kids. I didn't even eat the donuts. I took them to my parents. But I got my picture, plus a few.
It was obviously a progression done by Luke. He went from not realizing they were there, to seeing them, to wanting to eat them, and to being so tired from smelling donuts while I took pictures.
And then Reese got ahold of some. The pictures explain themselves.

So then on Saturday I got to work during the day but decided that I wanted to go swimming. I simply sent out a text message to my cousin and the next thing I know I'm swimming, eating Tropical Sno, eating dinner with them, and fishing with them. We may (okay, Heather may) have only caught two baby fish that could have been bait for the fish we wanted to catch, but it was still fun. Ethan and Aiden have acquired Ben's love of being on the lake, the same love I share. And Ethan also acquired my love of casting the pole and then reeling it back in .5 seconds later to recast if we don't get a bite. I seriously love spending time with my family. I have the best family and please don't try to tell me any different. Okay, bye. 
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