Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mid-Year Resolutions

June. The sixth month of the year. The half way point. The time people take to reflect back on whether or not their New Year resolution has stuck. Or not. Because if you're like me then your NYR went out the door on January 2. So I think we should make a Mid-Year Resolution. Because frankly I really need to start doing things to better myself and my blog and I need some sort of motivation to do it.

Two days ago when I started writing this post I told myself I was going to really get on top of things. I have yet to do anything I told myself I was going to do. But maybe by writing it and telling all of you, I'll keep myself accountable.

So goals:

1. Eat better. I think I put this one on this blog at least 34 times a year but really though. I eat crazily bad and it needs to STOP.
2. Do some sort of exercise. It doesn't have to be like a full blown work out, but I feel like I need to do more than walking from my car into the apartment.
3. Stop being late to things. I'm like a chronically late person. It's a bad habit. I got "Always late" as one of the senior favorites in high school. I need to fix this problem.
4. Cook more at home. This one probably goes hand in hand with eat better but I really need to start learning how to make my apartment not smell like it burned down after I make something on the stove.
5. Start applying to big girl jobs. My internship will soon be over and then it's time to step out into the real world and start applying for those salaried jobs that come with a 401k or whatever that is. S.O.S.
6. Blog more. My life isn't super duper exciting, but I really do enjoy blogging and writing. So just for myself I need to get on here more than once a month.
7. Catch up on more blogs, and start reading blogs that have to do with what I want my career to be.
8. Get together with friends more often. Too much lately I have just been coming home from work to cuddle with Luke the rest of the night. Which is totally fine but sometimes I need to get out to see people.
9. Take Luke more places. Oh, and get him trained. A few months ago our new vet told us he wasn't allowed back until he was trained. And he's suppose to go back in September. Ugh.
10. Live life to the fullest. That one explains itself.

Now it's your turn to make some mid-year resolutions. What are they? Do you think you'll keep them?
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Stephanie said...

I like that idea. I always get it in my head to be the most productive in January, June, and September. So I like this mid-year resolutions thing! I am SO with you on eating better. I've been eating total garbage lately. I have fruit for breakfast, and then it's straight downhill from there.

Karen Peterson said...

These are great goals.

I don't do NYR either. I do goals every month. Some months are very successful and others are...well...not that great.

mvenkat K said...

oh the JHAPPY NEW YEAR 2016
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uly goals are close and now Christmas and new year goals are running