Friday, January 2, 2015

Some Goals for 2015

I'm a day late, but hey it's better than not blogging at all right? As I'm sitting here trying to figure out what type of goals I want to set for myself in 2015 all of the cliches come to mind. Work out more, eat better, relax more, etc. And while all of those are true, there are some other goals I really would like to achieve this year. It's only day two of the year so I thought that posting resolutions or goals is still appropriate. 

1. Start, continue, and finish the photo a day all year. I saw quite a few people do this throughout 2014 and I thought it was the neatest (does anyone still say that word?) idea. So of course yesterday I started off with a selfie because duh. 

2. Take Luke for more walks. I really try to take him on a walk a lot but sometimes the days just get past us and other times we don't (I don't) feel like doing anything so it just doesn't happen. But I really need to remember that he needs exercise, especially being locked in the apartment all day. 

3. Cook more. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to cooking, so if anyone has any awesome recipes they want to share then go right ahead with it. I really need to start doing more of this because Nick and I eat way too much fast food. It's hard working every night but I'm sure I can come up with something.

4. Be healthier. I know, this is a cliche but it's true. Like I said above, I eat fast food way too much. And if I'm not eating fast food I'm eating food at work, or going out to eat. It's awful. I need to start eating better for me foods, I need to start working out more, I need to start getting more sleep, I need to stop stressing about things so much. It's all a bad habit I need to break.

5. Get a big girl job. Hopefully this one happens in the next few months because I would really like a steady income. And a day time job. And a place that doesn't send me home smelling like food when I'm off. 

6. Read more. I use to read all the time but the past couple years I've stopped. I don't really know why but I want to start reading more. So if you guys have any book recommendations, throw um my way!

7. Grow my blog more. This is a big one. This blog has been out there for like 3 years or something and it's really gone no where. I want to learn how to participate in the world of blogging more, I want to learn better HTML and how to make this place look amazing. I want to learn how to do photoshop and all that jazz. I need more hours in the day.

8. More DIY. Because what blogger doesn't love DIYing. But really, on my budget I really should be DIYing more than buying things outright. So we will see where this goes.

9. Relax more and love myself more. I really need to work on this. I always try and focus on keeping others happy and while other people being happy makes me happy, sometimes I need to just stop and make sure what's going on is making me happy too. It is hard sometimes but I really need to start living for me. I have to start realizing that by making myself happy, that others around me will be happy too, if they love me.

I'm sure there's more. And I'm sure I will come up with more throughout the year. But this is a start I guess. What are your resolutions/goals?
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Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I would highly recommend joining (it's free!) for all of your book recommendation needs. You can see what other people are reading, recommend books, and keep track of what you're reading (and what you think of them!). And you can set your 2015 reading challenge to help you with your goal/resolution of reading more.

Let me know if you join, I'm on there and would love to add you as a friend.