Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Resolution: Blog More

I know I say this way too much but I really do want to start blogging more. I don't understand why I don't take the time every day or every other day to just get a quick post out there. I don't understand why I don't take the time to do a lot of things every day but that's a whole other post. Oh, there's an idea already. Anyway, like I was saying, I should really just take the little bit of time out of my day to write a post or two. It's not like I'm doing anything right now. I graduated a few weeks ago (finally) so all I'm doing is working at Texas Roadhouse. And that's only at night. So hopefully I can kick myself into shape with this blog thing. It's only been like three years that I've had it, you would think it would be this amazing thing by now. But alas, I procrastinate and quit things and restart them way too many times. I also want to start going to the gym again. Or just start going in general because we all know I've been to a gym about once or twice in my life. Hey, there's another post idea. Maybe I should just put some thought into this kind of stuff and it wouldn't seem so difficult.

Because I keep getting distracted by Luke and my mind keeps wandering to the bath I'm about to take with this bath bomb my sister got me (I've heard they're all the rage right now) I'm going to cut this intro post short and just post pictures from the past couple of weeks. But welcome 2015, I hope you have a lot of exciting things in store for me! And I hope it has some amazing things in store for all of you!!

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Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I relate so much to that first paragraph! I've had my blog for a couple of years now as well and it's still no great thing. I want to post more but just don't take the time to. You're not alone my dear!