Friday, November 7, 2014

Lucas Update

After searching for an area dog park since January, I finally found one. And a free one at that. Every other one I have found requires over $200 a year and 23254323 other things that you have to do before your dog can go run free for an hour. But I found one that is only 25 minutes away so the other day Luke and I jumped in the car and took off. We invited our friends Chelsea and Dexter along too. Well, I'm friends with Chelsea. I was just hoping Luke would become friends with Dexter. Thankfully I knew I didn't have a problem with that because Luke loves all dogs. And I was right. When we first got there a little dog was there and Luke took an instant liking to him. They chased each other for awhile until Dexter and Chelsea and another dog showed up. Luke got along perfect with Dexter and the little dog. But the other dog was the biggest bully. I felt like I was watching my child be bullied and all I wanted to do was step in. Hashtag crazydogmomprobs. After awhile of this dog jumping all over Luke and barking at him, while Luke totally ignored him and just tried to play with Beau and Dexter, the mom of this bully then decides to tell me that he has fleas. Uhhhh...... If you are as crazy obsessed with your fur child as I am mine then you know exactly what was going through my mind at this moment in time. Instead of saying what I wanted to say to this crazy lady, I calmly called Luke over to the other side of the park and I think the lady got the hint because she left not too long after that. So did Beau and it was just Luke and Dexter. Dexter is the fastest little booger ever and Luke was whining every time he would try to catch up with Dexter. And by the end of it Luke was laying on the ground while Dexter was continuing to run around him and get him to play. Luke is obviously my dog, young body old soul. If only I could insert that laughing/crying emoji here. 

Luke slept for the entire day/night after that. Which means I got to sleep that entire night. It was amazing. And if you're wondering if that means that Luke still doesn't sleep through the night, then yes, Luke still doesn't sleep through the night. I feel like I have a freaking mini human I'm taking care of instead of a dog. So cool.

Luke is like the tallest kid in his class. If only his height could get him a basketball scholarship or something. He looks so much older than Dexter but he's only like six months older. He just keeps growing. And growing. And growing. But in his mind I'm pretty sure he thinks he's shrinking. 

Oh and a few things he's done since I've been away:
  • Chewed the middle couch cushion, like entirely. So there is now no middle cushion which means he makes me move out of the way on the couch so he can get comfortable. Whatever.
  • Decided he was going to start chewing on wooden furniture. Our kitchen table, our kitchen chairs, and one of the end tables we put his leashes on. It looks like we have a freaking cat that uses the things to file it's nails, or claws, or whatever they are. 
  • Started sleeping more and more like a human. Nick is either gone on business or working nights so Luke gets to enjoy his side of the bed all to himself. He sleeps under the covers, on his side, with his head on the pillow. It's adorable. Seriously.
  • He's gotten better at going potty in the apartment. He barely ever has accidents. And he hadn't escaped from me when we go outside until I started to say something today. Now he's gotten away from me twice. So that's cool.
There's more I'm sure. Oh! He turned one!! We had a birthday party for him. Nick, Luke, and I celebrated it with way too many toys and a dog cake. Luke wore ate three birthday hats as well. You'll notice that Nick got a good picture with him, while I got some wonderful pictures that I'm sure will be framed some day. It seems that I can never get a good picture with Luke but Nick always does. I don't know if that means that I'm just an amazing photographer or if Luke just hates me. Either way, it makes for some interesting pictures. 

Now that I've welcomed myself back to this world, I'm sure you'll all be seeing lots more of Luke. Because he's obviously the best part of me.

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