Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Beyonce KILLED It Last Night

I could literally write an entire post and then some dedicated to how much I love the Queen. I almost peed myself when I got to go to her concert awhile back. So when I heard she was going to be at the MetGala I could not WAIT to see what she would be wearing. I had to wait and scroll and wait and scroll some more, but alas, she made her arrival and it was worth the wait people. While waiting and scrolling I got to see everyone else's outfits at the Gala and have come up with my list of who else I think killed it. Even if they didn't come near as close to killing it as the Queen herself did.

Some might think that RiRi killed it even harder than Queen Bey did, but when you look like a giant omelette on the Red Carpet, the only thing you're killing is my appetite. 

I would also like to add a side note that since I'm so fashionable that my opinions are greatly valued by a lot of people.
Also, I got all of these pictures from BuzzFeed. Bye.
 photo signiature_zps56ce7144.png

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Karen M. Peterson said...

Um...She basically looks naked. Yes, she looks amazing, but...well...I guess it's just me.